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Re: Looking for machine-language doc

>> I'm looking for documentation on ARM machine language [...]
> I expect you have found the usual:
>    https://developer.arm.com/support
>    https://community.arm.com/

Not very.  arm.com's webpages are remarkably hostile.  Because they've
drunk the "we won't talk to you unless you use HTTPS" koolaid, I can't
do anything with them myself.  I have two work devices which can do
something with them.  On one of them, it's got modal somethings that
cover up 70-80% of the available screen space, leaving about room
enough to see some forty words of text, and I hadn't managed to see
enough through that to find anything useful.  On the other device, it
says my web browser is not supported, complains (further) about lacking
javascript, and breaks in assorted ways.

I suppose it shouldn't surprise me.  The PDF I did manage to find
indicated quite clearly that they don't understand what the P in PDF
means; it says, in so many words, they test the PDF in Adobe readers
and don't care about anything else.  So it fits that they would go to
the trouble to break their content if I don't emit one of their blessed
User-Agent: values.  And, they can't even be bothered to tell me what
browsers _are_ supported, only that mine isn't!  (Fortunately, pdftoppm
worked just fine on the file.)

> A couple of bits you may have missed:  [...]

Thank you; I'll have to have a look at them.

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