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Re: Suboptimal iperf3 performance on RockPro64

On Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:53:26 -0400
Jason Mitchell <jmitchel%bigjar.com@localhost> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a project where I need to be able to saturate a gigabit link. I?m 
> using a RockPro64 running 9.0_STABLE. I?m using an Intel i210 PCI-e NIC 
> and I can?t get more than 740Mbit/sec on iperf3. I?ve enabled tcp4csum, 
> udp4csum & ip4csum offloading and I?ve set the CPU speeds to max (1416 
> for the Cortex-A53?s and 1800 for the Cortex-A72?s).


options NET_MPSAFE in the kernel might improve things. I am using it
but it's not considered stable yet. Also you can try to disable ASPM
via fdt; "aspm-no-l0s" property.
How many PCIe lanes does this card have?
Could you send me off-list the output of
"pcictl /dev/pci1 dump -b 1 -d 0"?
Caution: pcictl list is known to trigger a PCI abort and kernel hang on
this SoC, presumably due to a host bridge bug.


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