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Re: tor broken on 20202 / earmv7?


rather than the usual 4 or so lines, I get nothing and the process is
sitting as parked, doing nothing, using no CPU time.  This goes on for
days - I literally let one sit 5 days like this.  The rest of the things
on the machine work fine.  Because the script doesn't return, the rest
of the rc.d scripts don't run, and ssh doesn't start.

A build of tor from the same pkgsrc branch, with the same 9-stable date,
but on i386 works normally.

I wonder if

 anyone else has seen similar trouble?

 anyone else has tor working on 9-stable on earmv7/RPI3/?



I'm currently running TOR in a netbsd-8 chroot on the same system, and it works fine. I haven't had time yet to look in to this to see what's up.


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