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Re: GPS reciever for cubetruck

Ede Wolf <listac%nebelschwaden.de@localhost> writes:

> As the title implies, I would like to connect a GPS reciever to my
> cubietruck, and am wondering, wether someone has recommendation for a
> device that works well with NetBSD (arm), preferably with gpsd.

arm really shouldn't have much to do with it.  If so that's a bug and
probably pretty easy to fix.

The favored chipset in the gpsd world (I have a commit bit there) are
those from ublox.   ublox is particularly good about publishing specs.

Most anything will work.  If you any random USB GPS mouse, just plug it
in and fire up gpsd.  Ask me if trouble.  If not, and you are going to
buy something, I would recommend ublox 8.  These can be had for $20ish,
in "GPS mouse" form factor.  If you don't understand the following,
don't worry, and take away "ublox 8 is the best low-cost option for
doing random things you don't yet know you might want to do":

  ublox 8 supports SBAS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, in a confusing 3
  out of 4 systems way.  They can output raw data, so you can do PPP and
  turn them into an RTK base station.

The model "VFAN BG-803" is one that I got and works well.

(There is also "ublox F9P", but those are very expensive ($250?) and I
don't recommend that you buy one unless you have a ublox 8 and know why
the F9P will be more useful for you.)

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