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Re: aarch64 pmap tweaks for review

On 01/06/2020 23:42, Andrew Doran wrote:

I made some tweaks to the aarch64 pmap based on lessons learned in the x86
pmap recently.  They reduce memory consumption and speed up things like
fork/exec/exit/UBC a little:


Approximate times for kernel build on RK3399 with all 6 cores running at

	before	1354.07s real  6092.55s user  1591.35s system
	after	1307.90s real  6026.60s user  1432.83s system

Good job.

From a first pass I'm curious why you don't use the low 12 bits of
pv_va for flags and avoid the "interesting" mutex hack?

From memory the pp_flags in ryo's pmap can be removed fairly easily as
well if required.


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