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Re: aarch64 pmap tweaks for review

That's excelent! And thank you.
At a cursory glance, I think there is no problem.

it's okay to remove the pv_pa (#ifdef XXXAD) part :)

>I made some tweaks to the aarch64 pmap based on lessons learned in the x86
>pmap recently.  They reduce memory consumption and speed up things like
>fork/exec/exit/UBC a little:
>	http://www.netbsd.org/~ad/2020/aarch64.diff
>Approximate times for kernel build on RK3399 with all 6 cores running at
>	before	1354.07s real  6092.55s user  1591.35s system
>	after	1307.90s real  6026.60s user  1432.83s system
>Description below.  Comments welcome.
>- Fix a lock order reversal via pmap_page_protect().
>- Align struct pmap to a cache line boundary.
>- Move wired/resident count update out from PMAPCOUNTERS ifdef in one place.
>  It shouldn't depend on it.
>- Make sure pmap is always locked when updating stats.  Then atomics are no
>  longer needed to update stats.
>- Remove unneeded traversal of PV lists in pmap_enter_pv().
>- Shrink struct vm_page from 136 to 128 bytes (cache line sized - reduce
>  cache misses).
>- Shrink struct pv_entry from 48 to 32 bytes (power of 2 sized - reduce cache
>  misses).
>- Embed a pv_entry in each vm_page.  That means PV entries don't need to be
>  allocated for pages that are mapped only once, for example private
>  anonymous memory / COW pages / most UBC mappings.  Dynamic PV entries are
>  then used only for stuff like shared libraries and shared memory.
>- Comment out PMAPCOUNTERS option because global counters are costly on MP
>  due to cache coherency overhead.  The problem gets exponentially worse as
>  more CPUs are added.
>- Use the pmap as a source of pre-zeroed pages for the VM system.
>- Do unlocked checks in pmap_page_protect() and pmap_clear_modify(): avoid
>  taking the lock if the page has no mappings.

ryo shimizu

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