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trouble with netbsd-8 on RPI3?

I have several RPI3 computers on which I have been running netbsd-8
built for earmv7hf-el.  They have been stable, doing various things.

Today I installed a build of netbsd-8 update on May 7, onto these
machines and I am seeing very strange behavior.  They were previously
running netbsd-8 from about February 15.  I did not update userland.

On one, python2.7 crashes starting weewx.  I can start python2.7 by
hand, so it may be about a module.  I tried to boot the old kernel file
(with the newer userland, which I know is irregular, but this is the
stable branch) and it didn't come up; I haven't hooked up a console yet.

On another, mysqld is very unhappy and coredumps on boot.  But I am
pretty sure it was shut down right.  Other simpler things are apparently
running ok, including apache.

On the third, named gets a signal 4 and crashes on starting.   The rest
of the system seems ok.

It really feels like something is terribly wrong with my netbsd-8 build,
but this is surprising as I've been doing these updates every few months
for a long time.

I have been doing update builds, but 1) that's normal 2) this is a
stable branch and 3) there is nothing in src/UPDATING recently.

Is anyone else having trouble?

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