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Re: pinebook status update (20200322)

On 2020-03-25 02:49, Erik Berls wrote:
On 23 Mar 2020, at 9:47, adr wrote:

Arm/Mali only provides support for Wayland, at least in Linux.
For x11 you have to reverse engineer.? They make their money on
producing stuff for millions of cell phones.

You need a working drm driver, then port lima for the a64 and
panfrost for the rk3399 (for the pro).

Yes, a piece of cake...

Lima has problems, but is getting better. Panfrost seams to be
more stable.

So, where do we start?  Anyone want to create a branch to work out of?

I have the Lima bits for Mesa building in my tree, was planning to commit that
before adding Panfrost (or VC4).

Tried building the Lima drm code, the problem seems to be that it is based on a newer version of the common drm stuff than we have in tree and it makes use of
features that are not in our version like a drm scheduler.

There is also the video decoder function, someone has reverse engineered it and has local patches to extend the V4L API. I have been working on some minor updates to our V4L implementation but not sure whether we should go down this route or create
our own API.

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