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Re: sysinst full install on evbarm-aarch64 doesn't install all sets

On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 11:27:17AM +0100, Marc Baudoin wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm going back to properly install NetBSD on my PINEBOOK Pro.
> After booting from the latest (March 19th) -current image from
> cdn, I tried a full install using sysinst but the only installed
> sets are:
> modules base etc comp games man misc rescue tests text
> I had to install the following manually:
> debug kern-GENERIC64 xbase xcomp xdebug xetc xfont xserver
> Is that normal?

You should have been asked for the sets you want to install, the X sets
are not included by default, and the evbarm install handles the kernel
set special.

Pinebook Pro should be non-ACPI/non-RPi mode so it should have populated
the dtb directory and efi/boot on the FAT partition and extracted /netbsd
on the ffs partition. What was missing after your install?

Side note: the full evbarm sysinst support is still work in progress
and I have no idea how to deal with installboot and u-boot yet (working
plan so far: try to match hw.model against some list and offer to download
the proper u-boot binary pkg).


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