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Re: jemalloc issues on earm and earmhf

In article <Pine.NEB.4.64.2001110037550.6444%hlin.zia.io@localhost>,
John Klos  <john%ziaspace.com@localhost> wrote:
>> What do you get if you try it on an earmv6hf installation ?
>NetBSD-9 earmv6hf: hw.pagesize = 8192
>It's 8192 on NetBSD-8 earmv4, earmv6hf, earmv7hf
>It's 8192 on NetBSD-9 earmv6hf, earmv7hf
>It's 4096 on NetBSD-9 and -current aarch64
>No idea why it's different on earm (earm, earmv4, earmv5) NetBSD-9 and 
>-current. An earm chroot on an earmv6hf system gives an endless stream of 
>"<jemalloc>: Unsupported system page size" when trying to chroot.

The code does:

       os_page = os_page_detect();
        if (os_page > PAGE) {
                malloc_write("<jemalloc>: Unsupported system page size\n");
                if (opt_abort) {
                return true; 

os_page = 8192 and I presume PAGE = 4096...


#ifndef PGSHIFT
#if defined(_ARM_ARCH_6)
#define PGSHIFT         13              /* LOG2(NBPG) */ 
#define PGSHIFT         12              /* LOG2(NBPG) */

because the code was not compiled on _ARM_ARCH_6. I will take care of it.


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