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Re: jemalloc issues on earm and earmhf

John Klos <john%ziaspace.com@localhost> wrote:
>An earm chroot on an earmv6hf system gives an endless stream of 
>"<jemalloc>: Unsupported system page size" when trying to chroot.

Because the userland has been built with a different idea of page
size from the kernel. There have been some attempts to fix this
but the last changes were backed out.

My "fix" would be to remove the earmv6 and earmv7 kernels from the
earm build, at least for NetBSD-9, so that users of things like the
RPI don't try to use earm.

Are you sure that earmhf is failing too ? It should just be building
for earmv6hf.

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