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Re: Heads up: TI OMAP3 and AM335x switched to FDT

On Mon, 2 Dec 2019, John D. Baker wrote:

It seems to work OK, but I'm still not sure how to boot in the new regime.

On the FAT partition:


How do I arrange for net-booting?  Watching its default attempts to
netboot (since it couldn't figure out anything on my SD card), I see
file names that it expects, but don't know what the file should be.

In the EFI bootloader, you can get a list of devices with the 'dev' command:

  > dev
  hd0 (29 GB): VenHw(E61D73B9-A384-4ACC-AEAB-82E828F3628B)/Usb(0x6,0x0)
    hd0a (29 GB): 4.2BSD
    hd0e (80 MB): MSDOS
  hd1 (1832 MB): VenHw(E61D73B9-A384-4ACC-AEAB-82E828F3628B)/Usb(0x6,0x1)
  net0 90:59:af:5c:d0:94

  default: hd0a

Boot from the network with:

  boot net0:netbsd

The kernel will select the network interface with a mac address matching the "net0" mac address above as root device by default. You can override this with the root= kernel cmdline option.

CACHE: Misaligned operation at range [9c701028, 9c7010e8]

These are debug messages from U-Boot. We can probably just comment them out of our pkg.

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