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Re: banana-pi-m3 netbsd-9 boots ok

nervoso%k1.com.br@localhost wrote:
>Thank you for your help. in any documentation about NetBSD and banana-
>pi (allwinner) it says that the system does show anything in the hdmi
>port as raspberry pi does. So I bought an usb serial adapter and plug
>in the banana-pi serial ports. speed 115200 and now the system boots
>using serial console,  I can ssh to the computer and even install the
>system in the /dev/ld2 internal disk.
>Now the question: the X windows is available in the banana pi???
>seems there is no fb or simplefb.

You won't get a framebuffer device on the Banana Pi M3, no drivers
match against the dtb entries for it.

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