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Re: earm(v5) not working on RPi

>>> http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-arm/2019/04/20/msg005602.html
>> Are you using pkgtools/libkver on the build system ?
>> I was able to build some hpcarm (earmv4) packages on an earmv7hf host
>> that seemed to be correct. I also tested them on a cats (also earmv4).
>> The one problem that I had was with any packages that depended on page
>> size. I think we should add shadowing of the sysctl for this to libkver.
>Yes; kver -r 8.0 -p earm.
>That works for lots of packages, but all sorts of things stall 

Your April email looks like you are trying to run earmv4 on the RPI2,
is this correct ?

What I did was to boot the host with whatever is the default for that

Then run "kver ... chroot" to a full tree of the target system. That way
you are running the tools built to generate the correct ARM

Didn't see any problems with invalid instructions, just the page size
issue for things like emacs.

Can try it again easily enough, my Cubietruck has a fast SSD, what
packages are stalling ?

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