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Re: Questions about the building process (Olimex lime2)

On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 08:36:59AM +0200, tlaronde%polynum.com@localhost wrote:
> There is a dedicated kernel config file, added by Manuel Bouyer,
> This last kernel is not compiled and not present in the releasedir.

Did you try the GENERIC kernel?

> How does the build process determine the kernels to build (obviously not
> simply by listing the configs in the dir since the OLIMEXLIME2 is in
> the dir and is not included)?

There is a table in src/etc/etc.evbarm/Makefile.inc.

> How does the build process determine what has to go in the image,
> specifically the compiled dtb files?---since I found only one mention of
> the DTS and it was in the SUNXI kernel config.

I see these in sys/arch/evbarm/conf/GENERIC:

GENERIC:        sun7i-a20-olimex-som-evb-emmc.dts
GENERIC:        sun7i-a20-olimex-som-evb.dts
GENERIC:        sun7i-a20-olimex-som204-evb-emmc.dts
GENERIC:        sun7i-a20-olimex-som204-evb.dts

> Where do the files piloting u-boot and present in the image are
> generated? And what is the sequence of u-boot script files actually
> used?---because there seems to be conditionals about some dtb files and
> it seems to me that the first found will be used and it may not
> correspond to the device tree of the board (but it's a problem if and
> only if this script file is actually used).

There is no u-boot in "the" image ;-)
This is actually an issue but rather hard to solve.
Most board specific u-boot versions can be build from pkgsrc/sysutils/u-boot-*


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