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Re: problems booting netbsd on pinebook

No need to reconpile the kernel, you can pass "nomodeset" to the kernel instead. At the efiboot prompt:

  > boot netbsd nomodeset

On Tue, 2 Jul 2019, Leonardo Taccari wrote:

Hello Alejandro,

Alejandro Sánchez Marín writes:
Second, display resolution doesn't fit into pinebook screen. I supose I
need to fix it manually.

I think I saw that too: the screen is "moved off" a couple of pixels,
i.e. 5-10px of the top is at the bottom of the screen, 5-10px at the
extreme left is on the extreme right of the screen (or similar).

As a kludge in src/sys/arch/evbarm/conf/GENERIC64.local I have:

no sunxide2bus*        at fdt?         # Allwinner DE2 bus
no sunxidrm*           at fdt?         # Allwinner Display Pipeline
no sunxifb*            at sunxidrm?    # Allwinner DRM framebuffer
no sunxihdmiphy*       at fdt?         # Allwinner HDMI TX PHY
no sunxilcdc*          at fdt?         # Allwinner DE2 timing controller
no sunximixer*         at fdt?         # Allwinner DE2 mixer

...and rebuilding a GENERIC64 kernel should workaround that.

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