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Re: problems booting netbsd on pinebook

I have the Pinebook 1080P (11"). I used the NetBSD-evbarm-aarch64-201906271810Z-pinebook.img.gz which worked great. I too have the 64gb eMMC. I am not sure if difference in displays will make a difference. If you can get a hold of that image it might be worth a shot. I can push it to one of my github repos if you would like. 

On 7/2/19, 7:35 AM, "Alejandro Sánchez Marín" <port-arm-owner%NetBSD.org@localhost on behalf of erchache2000%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

    Hi, I'm using pinebook 14" non-ips display and 64 gb emmc.
    I'm booting from sd card trying to install netbsd on pinebook, I did it 
    before without problems.
    Now with actual build from 
    I have some problems.
    First, system doesnt boot clean. I need to do some reboots to get a 
    clean boot.
    Second, display resolution doesn't fit into pinebook screen. I supose I 
    need to fix it manually.
    Any tips to solve both problems? I'm n00b on netbsd but linux advance 
    user... I'm learning BSD.
    Thanks in advance.

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