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Kernel configurations?


while I can build GENERIC64 for a Pinebook, as well as a config derived from it, building SUNXI fails with

===> build.sh command: ./build.sh -a aarch64 -m evbarm -j 5 -U -O /var/obj/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm -T /u/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/tools -R /u/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/releasedir kernel=SUNXI releasekernel=SUNXI
===> build.sh started:    Wed Jan  9 16:53:15 CET 2019
===> NetBSD version:      8.99.30
===> MACHINE:             evbarm
===> MACHINE_ARCH:        aarch64
===> Build platform:      NetBSD 7.2_STABLE amd64
===> HOST_SH:             /bin/sh
===> MAKECONF file:       /dev/null
#    objdir  /var/obj/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/tools
===> TOOLDIR path:        /u/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/tools
===> DESTDIR path:        /u/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/destdir
===> RELEASEDIR path:     /u/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/releasedir
===> Updated makewrapper: /u/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/tools/bin/nbmake-evbarm
===> Building kernel without building new tools
--- obj ---
#    objdir  /var/obj/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/sys/arch/evbarm/compile
===> Building kernel:     SUNXI
===> Build directory: /var/obj/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/sys/arch/evbarm/compile/SUNXI
--- __doclean ---
--- __docleandir ---
--- __doclean ---
(cd /var/obj/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/sys/arch/evbarm/compile/SUNXI && rm -f a.out [Ee]rrs mklog core *.core .gdbinit || true) Build directory is /var/obj/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/sys/arch/evbarm/compile/SUNXI
Don't forget to run "make depend"
--- __always_make_kernlib ---
--- __always_make_compatlib ---
nbmake: nbmake: don't know how to make sun50i-a64-pinebook.dtd. Stop

nbmake: stopped in /var/obj/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/sys/arch/evbarm/compile/SUNXI

ERROR: Failed to make depend in "/var/obj/netbsd-builds/developer/evbarm/sys/arch/evbarm/compile/SUNXI"

What am I missing?


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