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Re: Device Tree sources

I kinda want to resync dts but it really depends on the timing of 9.0. Updating them, cleaning up local changes in arch/arm/dts, and testing all of our supported boards is incredibly time consuming, and IMHO we're in a pretty good spot right now for a 9.0 in terms of stability.

Under the assumption that we are going to branch -9 this month, I would say add extra nodes in to arch/arm/dts, provided that the bindings match what you expect a future dts import to use.


On Sat, 1 Dec 2018, Robert Swindells wrote:

Is there a plan to follow for updating dts files ?

There are some extra nodes defined in the latest Linux sources for
several of the Allwinner systems. Things like the crypto and video

Is it best to just put the new nodes into arch/arm/dts for now ?

Robert Swindells

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