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Re: Pinebook xorg.conf

Roy Marples <roy%marples.name@localhost>
>I think people are getting a little confused as to my error.

You didn't help things with the subject of this thread, your problem
is unlikely to be anything to do with xorg.conf.

>I am just trying to start xfce4.
>The error is that the xfwm4 window manager says "Could not find a screen 
>to manage, exiting". I can use twm inside of xfce4, but that isn't 
>really great.

How are you starting it ?

I just put the window manager and some clients in
/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc. I then just run 'startx' from a shell.

One other idea, does Xfwm default to 3D enabled or disabled ?

>Is there another light weight DE people can recommend that works 
>reasonably well on the Pinebook?

I just run a window manager, can't help with a DE recommendation.

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