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aarch64: a port, or a MACHINE_ARCH under evbarm?

(As usual I'll spiff up the wiki when I become enlightened.)

There is an evbarm port, which has multiple MACHINE_ARCH subtypes (e.g
earmv7hf), and within the port there is support for a number of hardware

It seems there is an earmv8hf hardware type, and that usually (but not
reliably always?) these cpus also implement "aarch64" in addition to the
familiar "aarch32" instrructions.

I also see NetBSD/aarch64 referred to as a port, which would imply "-a
aarch64" to build.sh.

So, for running on RPI3, or for pinebook64, or various other things,
what is the build.sh command, and which port is that.  And if the -a
value is not aarch64 but it's the aarch64 port, what does that mean?

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