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earmv5 issues

Hi, all,

I'm starting some bulk package builds in preparation for NetBSD 8. One would be for earmv5. Initially I planned to build in an earmv5 chroot on an earmv7hf machine, but even though many binaries run in the chroot, I got tons of core dumps.

Next I tried building an earmv5 kernel and userland for a Raspberry Pi. It booted, but fsck dumped core and the machine never got to multiuser.

Not sure if this is related, but a PogoPlug running earmv5 which was updated to recent NetBSD 7 can't run dhcpcd - it dumps core. I'll have to gather some more information about that, of course.

Is anyone here actively testing earmv5? Does anyone know why a Raspberry Pi 3 can't run an earmv5 userland and kernel? I always thought that earmv6 and v7 were supersets of v5, but perhaps I'm mistaken.


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