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Re: No ipf in RPI2 evbarm 7.0.2 kernel?

I now see in /var/log/messages this info:

I have no /stand/evbarm/7.0/modules folder.

I probably need modules.tgz from
(considering uname gives me 7.0.2 NetBSD 7.0.2 (RPI2) #0: Mon Dec 19
22:31:19 UTC 2016  root@netbsd:/usr/obj/sys/arch/evbarm/compile/RPI2

Except modules.tgz does not have any ip* module in there.

It seems 8.0RC2
) does have /stand/evbarm/8.0/modules/ipl/ipl.kmod in there but not
ipf. I've read that ipl is only for logging (so for ipmon) but not
sure if ipf works without it or not.

So... is it possible to get ipf without upgrading the whole system?

I find it odd that the /sbin/ipf binary is included... shouldn't it
run out of the box then?


On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 8:23 AM, Harold Gutch <logix%foobar.franken.de@localhost> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 05, 2018 at 01:21:05AM +0300, Emilian Bold wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I can't get ipf to work. I never used ipf before so perhaps I'm doing
>> something wrong.
>> In rc.conf
>> ipfilter=YES
>> ipmon=YES
>> but it doesn't seem to start properly:
>> # ipfstat
>> open(IPSTATE_NAME): Device not configured
>> # ipmon
>> /dev/ipl: open: Device not configured
> [...]
>> # modload a
>> modload: Operation not permitted
>> Would appreciate any hints on how to get ipf running.
> Try adding ipf to /etc/modules.conf and rebooting.  You'll also need
> to have modules=YES in /etc/rc.conf but that is the default anyway
> (see /etc/defaults/rc.conf ), so there is no need to bother with that
> unless you have set it to NO at some point in the past.
>   Harold

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