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Re: aarch64 support added

2018-04-20 14:03 GMT+03:00 Eddy Petrișor <eddy.petrisor+netbsd.org%gmail.com@localhost>:
> joi, 19 apr. 2018, 12:59 Jared McNeill <jmcneill%invisible.ca@localhost> a scris:
>> On Apr 19, 2018, at 3:32 AM, Eddy Petrișor
>> <eddy.petrisor+netbsd.org%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
>> Where could I add/modify the code to generate such images or, at
>> least, some instructions on how to deploy for the pine64/sunxi?
>> The base image is arm64.img.gz, this should work as-is on Raspberry Pi 3
>> and Tegra X1.
> Sorry for being ignorant, I'm new to NetBSD, is the arm64.img supposed to be
> raw sdcard image that I could write to the SD card with dd?

To answer my question, yes.

>> For Allwinner SoCs (A64 and H5) you need to apply a board specific U-Boot
>> to the image or SD card first.

Isn't there a way for the specific u-boot to be already applied? Maybe
defining a new machine which would be different just by setting the
correct dtb name and applying the sunxi u-boot?

> So I alter the image and dd with some command like the one below?
> dd if=uboot.img of=arm64.img bs=512 notrunc

Alternatively, it can be done on the SD card (example from Linux):

sudo dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1k seek=8 conv=sync

> Then dd the resulting file over the sdcard block device?
>> I prepare images for known working boards at www.invisible.ca/arm based on
>> the daily auto-builds with U-Boot already applied if you want to go that
>> route.

Nevermind, found the info about allwinner systems (somewhat outdated
because now aarch64 is supposed to work):


also found precompiled u-boot-pine64 package at

But after putting everything together the boot process hangs after
'Starting kernel...':

U-Boot 2017.07 (Dec 18 2017 - 22:53:28 +0000) Allwinner Technology

CPU:   Allwinner A64 (SUN50I)
Model: Pine64+
DRAM:  2 GiB
*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment

In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Net:   phy interface7
eth0: ethernet@01c30000
starting USB...
USB0:   USB EHCI 1.00
USB1:   USB OHCI 1.0
scanning bus 0 for devices... 1 USB Device(s) found
       scanning usb for storage devices... 0 Storage Device(s) found
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
switch to partitions #0, OK
mmc0 is current device
Scanning mmc 0:1...
Found /extlinux/extlinux.conf
Retrieving file: /extlinux/extlinux.conf
reading /extlinux/extlinux.conf
243 bytes read in 21 ms (10.7 KiB/s)
NetBSD/arm64 boot options
1:      NetBSD/arm64
Enter choice: 1:        NetBSD/arm64
Retrieving file: /netbsd.img
reading /netbsd.img
8421316 bytes read in 439 ms (18.3 MiB/s)
append: root=ld0a console=fb
Retrieving file: /dtb/allwinner/sun50i-a64-pine64-plus.dtb
reading /dtb/allwinner/sun50i-a64-pine64-plus.dtb
14271 bytes read in 36 ms (386.7 KiB/s)
## Flattened Device Tree blob at 4fa00000
   Booting using the fdt blob at 0x4fa00000
   Loading Device Tree to 0000000049ff9000, end 0000000049fff7be ... OK

Starting kernel ...



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