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Re: aarch64 support added

>What did you mean by "pmap should be work even if PID_MAX >= 65536"?
>Does that mean that the PIDs are of type uint16 for aarch64?

Currently, pid_t of netbsd is 16bit, and aarch64 ASID is also 16bit.
I implement as ASID=ProcessID for simplicity.
But if pid_t will be 32bit or over in the future (?), It will not work.

>About "COMPAT_NETBSD32", is that supported in userland in any way?

Yes. same as running i386 binary on amd64, We may become able to
run arm32 userland binary on aarch64 OS...

>So to build NetBSD for pine64 should this be OK?
>machine: -m evbarm
>arch:  -a aarch64
>dts: sun50i-a64-pine64-plus.dts

That's ok, I think. Unfortunately I don't have PINE64, and not tested on it.
but it runs on same Allwinner board NanoPi NEO Plus 2 by jmcneill@

ryo shimizu

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