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Re: Deciphering GPIO on Raspberry Pi B+

thorpej%me.com@localhost (Jason Thorpe) writes:

>So, can I assume that the only reason this is broken up into 2 separate â??gpioâ?? instances is because the GPIO subsystem canâ??t handle more than 32 pins on a single controller?

indeed. But it also maps to the real two GPIO systems of the Pi.

>And whatâ??s the best way to figure out which GPIO pins are available for application use and not consumed by other system functions?

You look at the PDF and find that GPIO2-27 are available, GPIO0-1 is
reserved for the HAT EEPROM, but could be used too if it doesn't look
like an EEPROM.

The other question is what alternate functions are available and
how the other 26 GPIOs are used:

-> https://elinux.org/RPi_BCM2835_GPIOs

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