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Re: aarch64 support added

>>About "COMPAT_NETBSD32", is that supported in userland in any way?
>> Yes. same as running i386 binary on amd64, We may become able to
>> run arm32 userland binary on aarch64 OS...
>I was asking if currently is supported in user space. I know for linux 32
>bit libraries are placed in a separate area in the rootfs, I was wondering
>if this is true already in the rootfs for aarch64 or can be since cortex a
>cores in the v8 family can work in 32 bit mode.

Currently, COMPAT_NETBSD32 is not implemented yet by aarch64 kernel,
therefore any arm32 binaries cannot be run on also userland.
if COMPAT_NETBSD32 will be work, netbsd armv7 libraries are
placed in /emul/netbsd32/, and only 32bit processes run in aarch32 state.

ryo shimizu

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