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Re: NetBSD on BeagleBone Black

Hi Benny,

On 05/02/2018 16:34, Benny Siegert wrote:
> I have decided to take my BeagleBone Black and try to get it working on
> NetBSD. Keep in mind that I am an arm n00b :) I did the following:
> - wrote the armv7.gz (NetBSD 7.1.1) image to a microSD card and marked the
> FAT partition as bootable
> - inserted the SD card, held BOOT button and powered on the board

You need to add u-boot to the FAT partition.
Copy u-boot.img & MLO file from a copy of
sysutils/u-boot-beagleboneblack package (from any pkgsrc repo (NetBSD or
or use a slightly older build from here:

System should just boot. I've not tried the HDMI port.


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