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Allwinner H3 framebuffer console support

Hi folks --

As part of the CHIP port, I added support for the "simplefb" DT bindings. This allows the kernel to take over a framebuffer setup by the bootloader.

I've just added a patch to our U-Boot to enable simplefb support for sunxi socs using the newer DE2 display device and added the framebuffer node to our sun8i-h3 dts template to activate it.

If you update your kernel and dtb, upgrade U-Boot (2017.07nb1 for orangepi-plus2e and orangepi-2), and plug in HDMI before powering on the board, you should have a working framebuffer. Serial console is still the default; you can override it by adding console=fb to bootargs in U-Boot. The usual things (Xorg etc) will work also as simplefb is built on top of genfb/wsfb.


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