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Re: NetBSD/evbarm on qemu

On June 2, Jared McNeill wrote:
> I've made some improvements to the VEXPRESS_A15 kernel over the past few 
> days that makes it somewhat usable under qemu.

Thank you!

> If you want to try it:
>   - Build the VEXPRESS_A15 kernel (netbsd.ub) from a -current source tree.
>   - Install the sysutils/dtb-arm-vexpress package from pkgsrc and grab a
>     copy of vexpress-v2p-ca15-tc1.dtb from /usr/pkg/share/dtb/arm.
>   - Grab a copy of armv7.img.gz from a build and uncompress it.

How do I produce such a build?  I tried "build.sh -m evbarm release"
(that's not the complete build command, but the gist of it), but there
was no file called armv7.img.gz in the results.
Andreas Gustafsson, gson%gson.org@localhost

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