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Re: NetBSD/evbarm on qemu

On Fri, 2 Jun 2017, Jared McNeill wrote:

Some known issues (feel free to help with fixes!)

- The vexpress-a15 machine is a dual CPU machine. By default qemu enables
  a single CPU; use the '-smp 2' flag to turn on the second one. The kernel
  knows how to spin up the secondary CPU, but the gic driver fails
  shortly after the CPU finishes attaching:

Nick fixed this with r1.22 of sys/arch/arm/cortex/gic.c (thanks!)

- If you request more than 128MB of RAM ('-m 1024m' flag) the kernel
  will fail to boot. This is because qemu will load the dtb at a higher
  address (88000000 / +128MB from start) when emulating more than 128MB
  of RAM and the initial MMU table only maps the first 128MB. Workaround
  this by changing INIT_MEMSIZE from 128 to 256 in
  sys/arch/evbarm/vexpress/vexpress_start.S. Note that a kernel built
  with this change will no longer boot with the default (128m) memory

This is no longer needed as of r1.5 of sys/arch/evbarm/vexpress/vexpress_start.S


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