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Re: Possibly off topic, but please help

I was reading an article about CHIP, the so called $9 computer:

and I was thinking wow, this could be a nice project for NetBSD, when
my attention was caught by this picture:

See that monitor in there? I've never seen anything like that.
Can anybody spot what it could possibly be?
It looks like a flat display with a custom holder?

That looks like a composite cable. There are lots of small displays which aren't expensive on Amazon for less than $30 USD. You might find something similar there, or you could email the person who owns it.

Speaking of that - I don't think I ever got the composite video port working on my Raspberry Pi in spite of whatever people suggested we put in cmdline.txt (see? We're back on-topic), and now we have both that file and config.txt so I'll never be able to remember which one is for what...


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