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Re: Possibly off topic, but please help

On Thu, 24 Sep 2015 22:27:42 +0000
Ottavio Caruso <ottavio2006-netbsd%yahoo.com@localhost> wrote:

> I was reading an article about CHIP, the so called $9 computer:
> http://makezine.com/2015/09/24/the-9-computer-is-shipping-today/
> and I was thinking wow, this could be a nice project for NetBSD, when
> my attention was caught by this picture:
> http://i2.wp.com/makezine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/8C19659D-EC75-4034-A13A-166A00BA364A.jpg
> See that monitor in there? I've never seen anything like that.
> Can anybody spot what it could possibly be?
> It looks like a flat display with a custom holder?

It is a generic composite signal car parking monitor. Search for car
monitor on Amazon or AliExpress and you should find plenty of cheap

Probably the exact model:



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