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Re: sbcl

From: Robert Swindells <rjs%fdy2.co.uk@localhost>
Subject: sbcl
Date: Tue,  1 Sep 2015 11:52:31 +0100 (BST)

> I have put a build of Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL) for earmv7hf in my
> directory on ftp.n.o if anyone is interested in trying it.
> <ftp://ftp.NetBSD.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/rjs/sbcl-earmv7hf-binary.tar.bz2>

work fine on my NetWalker(earmv7hf) and demonstration on Open Source
Conference 2015 Niigata.


many thanx.
Jun Ebihara

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