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Re: RPI current USB issues

Martin Mersberger <gremlin%portal-to-web.de@localhost> writes:

> After I've got my PI, I've played around with some USB devices and
> found some problems when connecting my GlobeTrotter iCON 225 3G USB
> stick (uhso(4)).
> Once the stick got connected (using a USB hub with a 2A power supply
> to avoid power issues), the stick is recogniced correctly as USB mass
> storage at the first place, gets disconnected and reconnected to
> provide the Control/Application/Network/Diag port. But then, then PI's
> USB goes dysfunctional (ie. network stops working, USB keyboard does
> not work anymore)
> Disconnecting the stick ends with some USB stalls on the ifconfig
> interface and a reboot of the PI
> NetBSD is current as of yesterday using earmv6hf kernel using the
> generic RPI config file
> any ideas?

1) You may well still be having power issues.  The Pi seems notorious
for them.

2) How well does this USB stick work on other (e.g., i386) NetBSD
systems?  Other OS?  Does it have the umass/config reattach behavior?

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