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Re: sljit and arm arches


On Mon, 18 Nov 2013 18:22:20 +0000
Alexander Nasonov <alnsn%yandex.ru@localhost> wrote:

> I'm trying to enable sljit on arm arches and I must admit that it's
> harder compared to other arches.
> There are nine arm arches according to the ports page on NetBSD site:
> acorn26, acorn32, cats, evbarm, hpcarm, iyonix, netwinder, shark and
> zaurus.
> Sljit only supports v5, v7 and thumb2 instruction sets. I suspect that
> many arches are older but I don't see any information about instruction
> sets on ports pages.
> My wild guess is that only tier I ports evbarm and hpcarm are new enough
> to support sljit. Can someone confirm this please?

Shark, netwinder and cats have strongarm CPUs which are v4 IIRC, the
acorn archs use even older CPUs although some can be upgraded to
strongarm. Iyonix uses Intel Xscale CPU which should be at least v5.

have fun

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