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sljit and arm arches

I'm trying to enable sljit on arm arches and I must admit that it's
harder compared to other arches.

There are nine arm arches according to the ports page on NetBSD site:

acorn26, acorn32, cats, evbarm, hpcarm, iyonix, netwinder, shark and

Sljit only supports v5, v7 and thumb2 instruction sets. I suspect that
many arches are older but I don't see any information about instruction
sets on ports pages.

My wild guess is that only tier I ports evbarm and hpcarm are new enough
to support sljit. Can someone confirm this please?

The second issue is when I compile evbarm, none of _ARM_ARCH_7,
_ARM_ARCH_5 and _ARM_ARCH_T2 from cdefs.h are defined. Is it compiling
for some generic arm architecture?

And finally, when I use cpu_icache_sync_range() to flush icache in the
kernel, the build breaks in rump because rumpns_cpufuncs isn't defined.
I wonder if I can use something else like __clear_cache() for a limited
set of arm versions supported by sljit?


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