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Re: Beaglebone broken


I tried updating my Beaglebone and saw that not only do we have hardware floating point (yay!) but that we also have a Beaglebone disk image. However, while the bootloader works, the kernel never launches:

For what it's worth I just copied a kernel from a -current build done
about 18 hours ago onto mine and it booted just fine (the board was
running a September 2 kernel prior to that).  Whatever the problem is,
it isn't a general problem.

I think the problem is me :) The names Beaglebone and Beagleboard are so similar that I didn't notice that the image I was using was called beagleboard.img.gz. Although I still don't know how netbsd-BEAGLEBONE_INSTALL.gz or netbsd-BEAGLEBONE_INSTALL.bin.gz are supposed to be used because neither is in .ub format (both give "Wrong Image Format for bootm command"), I was able to boot netbsd-BEAGLEBONE.ub.gz after ungzipping to the PC-DOS partition, then giving ld0a for the root on boot. The Beagleboard image with the Beaglebone kernel seems to work OK.


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