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Re: qemu for rpi emulation

On 8/15/13 4:18 AM, Sergio López wrote:
2013/8/14 Jeff Rizzo <riz%tastylime.net@localhost>:
It would be helpful if you could write up (or help me, and I'll write up)
the steps to get things booted using kernels from releng.netbsd.org - this
way people can check whether things are broken for everyone, or just them.
Sure, where would be the best place to write this down?

I started a wiki page at http://wiki.netbsd.org/ports/evbarm/qemu_arm -
just a skeleton, add information as you see fit.  Information on how
developers can edit the wiki is here: http://wiki.netbsd.org/wiki/start/

You could also just post info to this mailing list; at least it will make it into the archives, and I will convert it to the wiki at some point in the future.

slash:riz  ~> qemu-system-arm -M integratorcp -cpu arm1136 -m 128m -kernel
./netbsd-INTEGRATOR_CP.ub -nographic

NetBSD/evbarm (EVBARM_BOARDTYPE) booting ...

...and it hangs there until I quit qemu.  Now, I'm not exactly sure where
the problem is.  QEmu?  The particular kernel?  The way I ran it?
On QEMU 1.4.0, that kernel hangs in the same place, while an older one
boots fine, so it doesn't look like a problem with the emulation. I'm
going to build -current to take a look into this.

Great, let me know how I can help!


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