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Re: Latest RaspberryPI image

On 5/03/2013, at 7:40 PM, Alexander Schreiber <als%thangorodrim.de@localhost> 

> Since AFAIK the Raspberry doesn't need bootloader code in hardcoded sectors
> at the start of disk and loads its boot code from the first (FAT) partition,
> why is everybody distributing binary images? A .tar.bz should do as well,
> if you have a suitable host OS to initialize & format the SD card (I do
> realize that building a NetBSD compatible SD card under, say Windows, might
> be a non-trivial matter).

It's not just Windows, it's OS X and Linux. I don't have an SD Card slot in any 
NetBSD box I own and any NetBSD box within arm's reach of me quickly ends in 
bits as test things on it.


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