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Dockstar update

I'm continuing to play with the Dockstar.

Instead of continuing with -current which I know has problems, I
decided to try netbsd-6

I downloaded the userland from nyftp, then synched -rnetbsd-6 and
built a kernel (so that it would be newer than the userland).

So far, it's mostly working.

The first problem I had was sshd complained about a lack of ptys (pty
plural). I had done "sh MAKEDEV all" on the filesystem before booting
it, so I guess that doesn't get built. I did "sh MAKEDEV pty" after
booting, and it complained about security. I've never run across that
before so I'll have to look into it.

I/O isn't blazingly fast. It's slower than the L operating system but
I haven't done any real benchmarks.

Other than that, I've synched pkgsrc and started building a few
packages, and it's still working.

One problem it had in the past was it locked up when moving large
files, and I've yet to test that.

It would be nice to fix the stuff in -current, but for now it's
looking up. Eventually I'd really like to stop using the L operating
system on my other one...


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