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Re: New RaspberryPI image to test


as I said, both SD cards work with Raspian. One is from Sandisk (16
GB), the other is from Hama (8 GB).

What I did try yesterday was to copy the kernel.img file from the
NetBSD image to the DOS partition on a Raspian card (replacing the
Linux kernel). The behaviour then is exactly the same as with the
NetBSD image. I have no idea if that should work, but I was sure that
the SD card works and the boot partition (Firmware files etc.) also.

I will later look at the .txt files.



2013/1/8 Nick Hudson <nick.hudson%gmx.co.uk@localhost>:
> On 01/08/13 19:57, Stephan wrote:
>> The checksum is correct. I can also mount the sd card and see the
>> kernel.img file.
> Weird.
> This would suggests to me that the firmware can't deal with your SD card.
> What is it btw?
> You could try copying newer firmware to the msdos partition from
>     https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/tree/master/boot
> Can you work out with firmware the working raspbian image has? What *.txt
> files are in the dos partition?
> Nick

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