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beaglebone, take two

I seem to have completely botched my last attempt to send this
message, so let's try that again, with an out-of-line patch, and
apologies to the mail archives for that...

(I am not subscribed to this list, so please cc me in replies.)

The patch at


gets my beaglebone booted to the point that it asks for a root device.
It adds a driver to handle both versions of the OMAP-style dual-mode
timer (v1 is found on the OMAP35x; v1 and v2 are both found on the
AM335x as in the beaglebone), and some preliminary infrastructure for
enabling and disabling OMAP-style module clocks with the PRCM, which
is currently done in a totally ad-hoc way throughout arm/omap.

This is nowhere near complete, but since I am new to this part of the
world, I didn't want to start committing without some review.

Eventually I'd like to disentangle the #ifdefs throughout arm/omap so
that it's easier to navigate the common OMAP-style parts (e.g.,
omap_dmtimer.c), the SoC-specific layouts (e.g., am335x_dmtimer.c),
and the board configurations (e.g., conf/BEAGLEBONE).  I think it will
also be useful to separate the autoconf tree (obio0/obio1/obio2) from
the power and clock domain structure, because there is no good order
for autoconf to configure the devices as it is currently structured.

Comments?  OK to commit?

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