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Free PC to help ARM development for FreeBSD or NetBSD

I have a PC that was part of an evaluation a few years ago, and only had a 
couple months of use before being shelved. The disks are small, but it has room 
for more disks.

Supermicro X7DAE/X7DAE+ BIOS Rev 2.0b
2 x Intel X5355 @ 2.66
2x250GB SATA
Workstation case: 25.5 deep, 8.75 wide, 17.5 high


The fans are very loud.

It is free to whoever has the best use for it in furthering ARM support on 
FreeBSD or NetBSD. I would prefer to deliver it somewhere in Silicon Valley 
area, but I'm willing to ship at my cost within North America.

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