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Re: Kernel configuration for the Nokia N900


On 05/11/2012 15:16, KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:
>> # # I2C Controller
>> # omapi2c0   at tipb? addr 0xfffb3800 intr 36 mult 4
>> # iic*               at omapi2c?
>> # # omap's own i2c address
>> # options            OMAP_I2C_ADDRESS=0xe
>> # # i2c bus clock low and high times in ns
>> # options            I2C_LOW_TIME_nSEC=1500
>> # options            I2C_HIGH_TIME_nSEC=1000
> Can you need driver for omap i2c controller?
> I wrote it.  However it test to read only with TWL regurator.

I have no idea yet how I2C works, but if you have something to test,
I'll be glad to try out :)

This page seems particularly interesting:

It looks like some essential functionality must be obtained through the
I2C bus indeed, most notably charging the battery.

This is maybe also relevant:

It says a 'Gaia' chip is "connected to the I2C bus" and supports GPIO
(for keypads, etc). I'm therefore not sure how everything is connected
internally, if the OMAP controller is even used at all. I'll appreciate
any hints :)


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