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Re: Marvell if_mvgbe

SAITOH Masanobu wrote:
>(2012/10/12 21:42), Robert Swindells wrote:
>> I have been using the following patch for a while now on the
>> SheevaPlug, it should reduce the number of receive interrupts
>> generated by the ethernet controllers.
>> It would be good if somebody could test it on Orion and MV7[68]xxx
>> hardware.
>> I don't have documentation on Discovery or other Orion variants.
>> Robert Swindells
> Thank you for the patch.
> I've tested with SheevaPlug and it was no problem though I don't know
>the setting value is reasonable or not :-)

I think the value came from Linux, I will add a sysctl for it sometime.

> I hope Kiyohara would test with his Discovery and Orion variants.

I was really asking for it to be tested on the other variants before I
committed it.

Robert Swindells

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