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Re: NetBSD/evbarm "supported hardware" list

Thank you for your comments.
I've commited the list as evbarm/conf/README.evbarm.

kiyohara@ wrote:

> > GUMSTIX             2006/10/16      PXA255 Gumstix board
> GUMSTIX supports PXA255(Gumstix) and PXA270(Verdex) boards.
> Please fix to 'PXA2xx Gumstix board'.  :-)

Updated "Gumstix Inc. PXA255/270 based boards"

> > MARBELL_NAS 2010/10/02      Generic Marvell SoC based NAS
>      ^ typo?  :-)

Yes, thanks.

> > OVERO               2010/07/10      Gumstix Inc Overo board
> But don't support Overo *STORM now.  *STORM boards works on TI Davinci.
> Not STORM works on TI OMAP35xx.

Also updated "Gumstix Inc. OMAP3530 based Overo boards"

macallan@ wrote:

> > BEAGLEBOARD 2008/10/22      TI OMAP3530 BeagleBoard (incomplete?)
> OMAP's on chip USB controller doesn't work, so its usefulness right now is 
> rather limited.
> What does work is video via HDMI, ( omapfb ), serial console, probably flash 
> memory.

If it works on single user we always claim "it runs"
so it's okay to have the entry.

> > DEVKIT8000  2010/09/08      Embest OMAP3530 DevKit8000 eval Kit 
> Since this is based on the Beagle I suspect the same applies here. IIRC 
> there's a driver for the onboard ethernet controller though.

It's also enough if it has an own driver.

Izumi Tsutsui

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