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Re: x11 for evbarm

(2012/03/31 11:56), Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
I wonder if this should get into 6.0?
I guess bsh's target is Sharp Netwalker
(with forthcoming LCD display support)
and in 6.0 few evbarm boards have functional LCD for X.
(small LCDs on BEAGLEBOARD, GUMSTIX, TS7200 and TWINTAIL etc?)

Izumi Tsutsui
Right, I have tested x11 on NETWALKER and TWINTAIL. I'll try SMDK2410, LUBBOCK, and maybe BEAGLEBOARD, later.

For 6.0, currently I have no plan to request pull-up. I'll do so if there is a big demand on it, but we'll need a little bit more work.


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