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Sheevaplug/Dockstar -current kernel doesn't build, won't boot

Hello all,

I noticed that the recent -current SHEEVAPLUG kernel won't build, it
complains of symtab space:

Increase options SYMTAB_SPACE in your kernel config

*** Failed target:  netbsd

I increased SYMTAB_SPACE to 725000 and this seemed to work.

But when I try booting the kernel on my Dockstar (with a config
customized for the Dockstar hardware), it panics at init which
happened a few months ago or whenever the last time was that I tried
to boot a -current kernel.

I've got a kernel that works with sources from July 22 right now.

I'm not much good and going through the debugger to figure out what's
going on. I can try to provide my machine to someone if they want to
fix it, I can attach the serial terminal to another machine or


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