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Re: Seagate DockStar and power consumption

> As for stability in general, I think it's too soon to say how stable it is.

Maybe it is. But today I spent the whole day compiling and doing other 
stressing operations and it was quite stable.

> Under heavy I/O to the TDK branded 32 gig USB stick, the device lags
> pretty badly. Seems worse than just I/O performance on the USB stick,
> but I could be wrong.

I think you're right. Booting in Linux, I see it to be snappier. When there's 
heavy I/O, it just becomes very very slow, much slower than expected. More, 
I've been also installing a complete NetBSD system on an external 5400rpm 
drive, and it's also VERY slow there.

> Someone mentioned earlier that rsync would hang. I have this problem
> as well. netstat -i doesn't show errors. It just sits there. I haven't
> looked any farther into it yet. This is what I do:

I rsynced an entire backup server. It has more or less 45/50 GB of small files, 
and around 200 GB of bigger ones.
No hangs at all, just a bit slow. Generally speaking, I found out that this 
device is quite slower than my Alix board (Amd Geode 500Mhz).

> I wanted to try another USB network adapter but when I plug it in
> there's no phy. I noticed that the kernel config file doesn't have a
> phy associated with USB ethernet adapters for whatever reason.

I tried to plug an external usb wifi (D-Link G122) I had around and it was 
detected. I configured wpa-supplicant and it is connected and stable via wifi.

> I also want to do some power testing. I was going to install FreeBSD
> at some point to see how it works.

Let us know what you'll find out.


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